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*Computers and peripherals, working or non, in ANY condition, and any age.

* Floppy discs, cd-roms.

* Computer monitors - please note - computer monitors have a hazardous material recycling fee related to current recycling fees and is subject to change. Currently, this is $15, but may change due to environmental factors.

* Televisions - also have a hazardous recycling fee. Currently plastic televisions have a fee of $20 and wood grain console televisions have a fee of $25.

* Fluorescent bulbs - We accept shop bulbs with a fee of $2 each bulb. We accept household CFL bulbs with no fee, however, we do ask that they be properly wrapped in a box and taped and labeled.

* Household small appliances - such as coffee makers, curling irons, VCRs, stereos - basically anything that can be lifted and has a plug. If you have a large appliance that needs to be recycled such as a washer/ dryer, we reccomend that you take it to your local metal scrapyard and they will usually pay you for it.

* Microwaves - please note that microwaves have a capacitor in them and this requires a hazardous recycling fee subject to current environmental standards. Currently this is $10, but is subject to change.

* Hospital equipment - We are able to recycle small and large hospital equipment. Anything from blood pressure cuffs to x-ray machines. For very large pieces of equipment, or anything that may have a tube, please call ahead so we may find out if there will be a fee associated with acceptance.

* Batteries - We can recycle batteries of any size. Please, do not throw away your small batteries from household electronics. We can recycle them for you. You may also bring in larger batteries such as car batteries. Large computer backups, car batteries, forklift batteries, etc have a fee of $2 each to recycle. Small batteries have no fee.

If you have an item to recycle and you don't see it on the list, just ask! 615-430-7513


Please note, we cannot recycle your household regular items such as newspaper, cans, bottles, etc, but we do encourage you to do so! Rutherford County has several convenience centers set up for handling this type of recycling and you can find locations by visiting this website: http://www.recyclerutherford.org/

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